Is coffee vegan?

It may seem like a silly question to ask if coffee is vegan, but the vegan suitability of coffee can be a little tricky.

The short answer is yes. Coffee is vegan because it is made from coffee beans.

However, while standard black coffee is vegan, coffee is often made with milk, which is not vegan. Unless, of course, it’s plant-based milk!

You may also want to consider that even if all the ingredients in your coffee are vegan, the way some coffee beans are grown and processed does not fit with the vegan philosophy of supporting the environment. So vegans may want to be extra careful when choosing their coffee, looking for ethical coffee brands where they can.

Can vegans drink black coffee?
Ordering black coffee is the easiest way to make sure it’s vegan.

Coffee for the rich?
In fact, the most expensive coffee in the world is not the famous Kopi Luwak, but the Black Ivory Coffee produced in Thailand, which reaches a price of 1,100 dollars per kilo.

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