Savoir-vivre behind the wheel – how should a gentleman behave on the road?

A gentleman doesn’t just happen to be a gentleman, a gentleman is a gentleman – in every situation. This also applies to driving a car. How do you behave with class on the road and how do you react to difficult situations? Here are 10 rules a gentleman should follow behind the wheel.

1. Do not race with others

Racing and showing whose car is powered by more horsepower is something that does not befit a gentleman. It is childish and shows emotional immaturity. Such an image is worth avoiding, especially as speeding is one of the most common causes of accidents. Of course, there is nothing wrong with driving a car with a powerful engine. However, this does not have to be shown at every junction.

2. Remember about zipping

The bane of public roads is the inability to drive on narrowing lanes. There will almost always be a marshal who will block both lanes of the road, making it impossible to effectively relieve traffic jams at earlier intersections. The golden rule of road savoir – vivre is zippy driving, which should get into your blood. By alternating between the two lanes, you will maintain the flow of traffic and not cause traffic paralysis. It’s a common courtesy that helps to ease traffic jams. But why do so few people remember this rule?


3. Keep your distance

Riding on the bumper of the vehicle in front of you is dangerous and irresponsible. That’s reason enough to fight against it. But don’t forget that it’s also not classy or elegant. The pressure of a hot-headed driver will often lead to an accident, as the sight of a car pushing against your bumper makes it difficult to concentrate on driving and watching the road.

4. Don’t honk

In other countries, such as Italy, the horn is regarded as a means of communication and its use is not surprising. It’s an expression of southern European temperament. In Gentelman case, however, the horn is treated very differently and usually arouses aggression. Use it only when necessary. Honking the horn at a driver who is two seconds late is petty and classless.

5. Do not block the left lane

According to the Highway Code, we should drive to keep as close to the right as possible. Many drivers, however, persistently stay in the left lane, arguing that the road is in better condition or that they want to turn left in a few kilometres. If you do not want to be seen as arrogant and selfish, take the right lane and leave the left lane free – it is used for overtaking.

6. Do not impede other drivers

Do you remember your ride after receiving your driving licence? It was an exciting but stressful journey. There are thousands of them on the roads every year, so it’s a gentleman’s role to make it easier for them to learn to drive. Make it easy for a less experienced driver and let them pass when you see them struggling to merge into traffic. It’s a moment for you, and you’ll make another contribution to your image as a real man.

7. Park properly

A high position and money can have a devastating effect on us. After all, it’s not hard to come across people who put their success down to boorishness and arrogance. One expression of this is parking incorrectly, often making it impossible to carry out an emergency operation in a shopping centre or shop. No matter how big your car is, always try to park evenly and correctly. Accuracy is an important feature of masculine elegance, while sloppiness is its opposite.

8. Respect your fellow passengers

Do you like to listen to loud music and smoke a cigar at the wheel? Fine, but only if you’re travelling alone. If you are in the company of other passengers, this behaviour may not be well received. Don’t just follow what your friends driving with you say. They may assure you that they don’t mind, but more often than not they will just do it out of politeness.

  1. Keep your car clean

Can you imagine an elegant man with dirty, neglected shoes? Certainly not. However, many men think that the principle of neatness does not apply to the car. Remember that elegance is not determined by the model, cost, equipment version or make of a car. It’s much more important how we look after it. A clean and nicely polished paint job will make a better impression than large but muddy rims.

  1. Use your turn signals in advance

Many drivers use their turn signals incorrectly. Why? They only switch them on when they are already turning the steering wheel. The purpose of an indicator, however, is to indicate that you are about to turn, not that you are about to manoeuvre. Start using your indicators earlier and you’ll see that your driving becomes more enjoyable – drivers will let you into their lane more often. Remember to check the bulbs regularly, especially turn signals and stop lights.

And Finally: Respect all road users

Can you only be a gentleman in certain situations? Or to certain people? No, a gentleman is not about individual behaviour, it’s about attitude. So if you want to be called a gentleman, respect every road user. Be they car drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists or pedestrians.

These simple rules make our driving safer, more comfortable and free of nervous situations. We hope, however, that they are obvious to you. If not, it is high time to change that. A real man is not the one who does not make mistakes, but the one who can admit to them.

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