Ballantines, luxury whiskey

Time to relax is time to yoursself

The company’s most famous product is Ballantines Finest. It has been produced since 1920. Its unique taste consists of 50 different types of malt and grain whiskies. If you taste it properly, you can detect a hint of chocolate, fruit and spice flavors.

Apart from the basic product, Ballantines 12 (12-year-old) and Ballantines 21-year-old are also known. The former provides a unique taste, in which floral and oak notes can be felt, combined with the sweetness of honey. It is also characterized by a unique aroma. Anyone who tries it once is bound to become its regular gourmet. The second mentioned variety of whisky tastes like luxury. It has a unique color, smell, and taste. It smells of honey, a hint of apple and a floral aroma. In the taste, we can detect delicate notes of heather, licorice smoke, as well as spices.

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