Investment in luxury goods

When excess money becomes a pleasant problem

The value of luxury goods is increasing every year. In 2016, the value increased by 15% over the previous year. More and more people can afford to buy such goods.

  1. One of such investments are airplanes of various kinds. Their demand is growing and so is their price. It is also a very stable investment and even has an upward trend.

2. Another investment is art. Its value increases every year, especially famous pieces from famous artists. Their history and uniqueness make people able to spend any money on art.

3. Investing in alcohol is j not only buying a limited edition bottle in a specialist shop. It also means buying entire barrels, which will be prepared especially for us. Apart from the alcohol itself, we will receive, for example, the possibility of giving the brand a name, producing our own labels and enjoying our own line of alcohol.

4. Investing in real estate is a very responsible step. It requires both determination and the right knowledge. Many people wonder which property is the best to invest in.
Security in the form of owning your own property gives you a sense of security. In addition, a sensibly purchased flat, house or piece of land can generate regular income in the future.

5. Investing in precious metals is more than just getting rich quick. Such an investment comes with great risks as well as rewards. The first thing you need to know about investing in precious metals is that it does not have a guaranteed rate of return like other investments or stocks, so you cannot rely on it for income. It is best used as a hedge against times of inflation in conjunction with other investments, so your entire portfolio can be protected from riskier ventures.

The last investment worth noting is classic cars. Those with original parts and with impressive history are gaining in price. The most expensive car sold at the auction, as well as outside of it, is the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, which was priced as high as $52 million.

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