What you need to know to start digging cryptocurrencies.

If You arestill not rich, become a miner. A cryptominer

One of the most important topics related to blockchain mechanism is cryptocurrencies.

When you hear the term “cryptocurrency mining” it reminds you of the concept of the gold rush during the Wild West era. As it turns out, this is not that far from reality. All you have to do is turn physical gold into cryptocurrencies, pickaxes into computer hardware, and digging in the dirt into solving difficult math puzzles.

Cryptocurrency mining differs from traditional mining in that gold miners extract the raw material that is already in the ground, while cryptocurrency miners create new raw materials.

It doesn’t take much to start digging crypto: just buy the right equipment and dig. Of course, you also need to keep in mind some important parameters: the processing power of the equipment, the price of cryptocurrency, the remuneration for digging the block, the price of electricity and the difficulty of digging.

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