The habits of rich people

Stick to these rules and make a fortune

Rich people have many habits that do not fit the stereotypical “rich person”. Despite appearances, these habits are almost the same as those of average people. Here are ten of them:

10. Doing sports – this is how they take care of their health, both physical and mental. They do some kind of physical activity about 30 minutes a day.

9. Reading – millionaires don’t have much free time. Rich people don’t just read for pleasure, but also for knowledge that they can use in the future.

8 – Saving money – as crazy as it sounds, rich people save money. They don’t buy things they don’t need or want, that way they don’t waste money.

7. Own style – the wealthy have their own style and interestingly enough, it is not too expensive. Sometimes they even walk around in the same clothes for years. This way they get rid of unnecessary excess.

6. Use public transportation – sometimes the rich want to use it, or don’t feel the need to drive. They don’t brag about what they drive, there is simply no need.

5. The rich don’t buy high-end cars – millionaires want to get the most out of their car, so they don’t change cars every year, but they can. A good example is Leonardo DiCaprio, who drives a Toyota Prius, which at his salary is like a cheap toy.

4.They get up earlier – they like to wake up about 3 hours before work starts. That way they have extra time for their daily chores and, importantly, for their family.

3. They meditate – rich people usually have a lot of things on their mind. Due to these reasons their mood can be in a weak state so they meditate. This way they calm down and are relaxed and don’t want to spend their free time with a weak mood.

2. They don’t watch TV – they definitely prefer to spend the time they could be watching TV on something personal or productive. According to young millionaire Garrett Gee, it is important to find 3 hobbies: to make money, to be creative and to stay healthy.

1. Planning – rich people plan how to spend their time. No matter how much money you lose, you will get it back after a while, but the lost time will not. They often take a moment out of their day to develop a plan for the next day.

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