The 3 most expensive wedding dresses in the world

Sometimes is just worth giving yourself a little luxury

3 – Danasha Luxury Gown – created in collaboration with Jad Ghandour. The gown costs $1.5 million, the design features 200 grams of 18-carat gold and 75 hand-picked Belgian diamonds.

2. White-gold Yumi Katsura Gown – her design was created with precious gemstones and hand-embroidered lace. It features about 1,000 pearls, a 5-carat white-gold diamond and an 8.8-carat green diamond. The whole thing was valued at $8.5 million

1. Diamond dress from Renee Straus and Martin Katz – the creation has 150 carats of diamonds on it and so far has no owner. Its price tag is $12 million.

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