Whisky- is it a good investment?

Tempting investments for tasters

The popularity of whisky as an investment segment has grown in recent years, again driven by the Japanese who, along with the Chinese, have invested heavily in it.

It is worth noting here that the investment whisky market covers only the most expensive brands, it is not the world of Johnnie Walker – so the data on export of alcohol for consumption, presented annually by the Scotch Whisky Assotiation, only indirectly allow for an assessment of the potential of this market.

The most expensive spirits coming from casks from distilleries which often no longer exist, whisky for connoisseurs, which is in high demand, are sold as a capital investment.

As foreign companies facilitating investments in whisky emphasize, the future market value of a single malt whisky barrel depends on its age, alcohol quality and scarcity of supply.

Therefore, today’s crisis may also create offers in the future, as the British analytical company IWSR reports that the crisis may close many kraft producers.

Analysts recall that the last economic crisis a decade ago also saw the ‘shake-out’ of small brands from retail. And barrels of distilleries that no longer exist are guaranteed to be in short supply on the market.

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