Poverty- is not for me #Lack of thirst for knowledge

The fifth of weekly columns about the pitfalls of getting rich. Ignorance

They say that money doesn’t make you happy, but being poor doesn’t make you happy either.

Banknotes in themselves won’t make you smile from ear to ear (unless you win the lotto, but that will still be a temporary happiness). However, money can give you a lot of opportunities that you wouldn’t have as someone who is barely making ends meet. After all, it’s not about how much money you have, but rather what you do with it. Poor people tend to think differently, have different habits and a different way of approaching life than rich people. That is why it is easier for people with a ‘good attitude’ to make a living or to bounce back after bankruptcy. Poor people, on the other hand, can let go of assets they inherit or win.

Learn the six most common mistakes poor people make. Avoid them and you may one day make a pretty good fortune yourself.


Here are the most common traits of poor people:

06 Lack of thirst for knowledge

One of the worst mistakes, and also one of the most common by people, is that when they finish school, they stop learning. We need knowledge immensely! Imagine a person who wants to lose weight, but has no idea about proper training, a healthy diet or human anatomy. Such a person tortures himself with a huge number of workouts and has a very restrictive diet, but after a month he sees almost no results. Something is clearly wrong. However, he does not even realize it.

Now imagine another person who wants to lose weight, so every day she reads twenty pages of books on the subject, listens to audio books, watches valuable, factual videos, and broadens her knowledge. She exercises only 15 minutes a day and her diet is loose and enjoyable. However, she loses weight much faster than the previous case. Why? Because she has the knowledge! She doesn’t make mistakes that could hinder her progress.

It is the same with becoming successful and rich. There are not many rich ignoramuses in the world who cannot think. Well, unless they got an inheritance from their family or won all the money, then yes. However, people who earned their wealth on their own had to know how to do it. What to invest the money in, what mistakes to avoid, etc. etc. If you had read a hundred books on investing money, personal development, time management and marketing and applied what is described in them to your life, you would probably be on a completely different better financial level than you are today.

So remember to learn as much as you can. New foreign language- new opportunities. New skills- more chances for a good job. More knowledge – more money. It’s simple.

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