Real versus fake pearls

A little of konwledge for yourself

Pearls cost money, so it is worth knowing which are real and which are fake. If it is possible, it is worth checking their weight and temperature when buying. Real pearls weigh as much as glass and are cold to the touch; it takes a while to warm them up. Authentic pearls are not perfectly round, there will always be some imperfections, even if it is 0.1 mm.

It is worth checking the surface of the pearls, counterfeits are terribly smooth. Real pearls also seem smooth to the touch, but if you rub one pearl against the other you will feel resistance, while fake ones will slide against each other. The colour of pearls can also tell us a lot about their authenticity. The colour of real pearls is not uniform, and its hue will change slightly depending on the perspective and the light falling on it, white pearls have flashes of yellow, blue and pink, while dark ones are navy blue, green and purple. Their colours may be similar, but not identical.

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