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The greatest luxury is being free.

The greatest luxury is being free

Who is an author? Who is Manolo Blahnik?

Manolo Blahnik was born on November 28, 1942 in Santa Cruz de La Palma in the Canary Islands (Spain). There he spent his childhood alongside his Spanish mother and Czech father.
Blahnik graduated from the University of Geneva in 1965 and then went to Paris where he studied art. The next step was moving to London and working at the prestigious boutique “Zapata” and writing articles for Italian Vogue.
The turning point in his career came in 1972 when Ossie Clark asked Manolo to design shoes for his show. Afterwards, the Spaniard bought the Zapata boutique from its rightful owner for £2000 and opened his first shoe store.
Manolo Blahnik‘s flagship store is based in London’s Chelsea district, with others located in New York, Las Vegas, Dublin, Athens, Madrid, Dubai, Kuwait, Seoul and Singapore, among others.
Currently, the designer’s products enjoy enduring fame thanks to the series “Sex in the City”, where the main character Carrie was a fan of his shoes.

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