The 5 rarest stones

It is worth knowing that in this case the price does not follow the quantity

Although they are the rarest stones, they are not the most expensive

5th Transparent grandiderite – grandiderite is most often found in a slight blue colour, and is rare, but not enough to take fifth place. This belongs to its transparent variety.

4. paraiba tourmaline – Tourmalines are not rare stones in themselves, but their paraiba variety has an unusual colour reminiscent of the waters of paradise.

3.Larimar – this silicate is found only in the Dominican Republic. A small deposit of it has recently been discovered.

2. Black opal – normal opal, although valued, is not a terribly rare stone. What’s different is its black variety. Almost all of them come only from Australia.

1. Tanzanite – this stone is available only in Tanzania and only near Mount Kilimanjaro. Its deposits are running out and the chances of finding new ones are slim.

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