Virtual assistant – allow yourself this luxury.

Your career is on the rise. Your calendar is bursting with important meetings. On the one hand you are happy about it, on the other hand you are a bit worried. What about phone calls that you cannot answer because you are at a meeting with a contractor? After all, it’s a missed opportunity to gain a client.

Virtual assistant service

So you consider an important step – setting up a secretariat. You calculate all the costs and… you get dizzy. Rent of premises, equipment, social security, salaries, taxes… But maybe you can do it more economically? Of course! Just hire a virtual assistant.

This kind of service is a relative novelty. So we are not surprised that you may have many questions about them. How do you save on a virtual secretary? What is part of its duties? Fear not – we will not leave you without answers to these questions!

Online secretariat is a valuable saving

The basic issue – costs. Cooperation with a virtual assistant/assistant allows you to eliminate the previously mentioned expenses, but that’s not all. Cost optimisation also results from the lack of subscription. You pay only for the actual hours worked – and not a penny more!

Virtual assistant – a real benefit!

The term “virtual assistant” can be somewhat misleading. At the end of the day, you will have a real person working for you – and one who is fully committed to helping your business. She will be available from seven to twenty one and will take on all the tasks of a standard secretary.

Let’s start with the basic task – taking and making calls. A virtual secretary can even perform simple sales activities – she will easily inform the client about the company’s offer not only by phone, but also by e-mail. She will also send you a text message when you need to be informed about an important event.

Her duties also include secretarial management. A virtual secretary has CRM, e-mail correspondence and calendar management at her fingertips. Thanks to this, the online secretariat runs like clockwork!

Virtual assistant service and more..

Optional offer – when you need more

The options described above are only a standard offer. Secretarial work sometimes goes beyond these tasks, which is why there is also an optional offer. It includes, among other things, Live-Chat support for your company, work on a CRM of your choice (including call history, task list and reports), document dispatch and a company registration address.

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The optional offer entails additional costs, which are subject to individual cost evaluation. However, taking into account the costs of a stationary secretariat, which we mentioned earlier, it is still a very financially beneficial option.

How does it work in practice?

You have already found out what tasks a virtual assistant will perform for you. But you may still be wondering, how does it work? Very simply – after all, there is hardly anything these days that cannot be done over the phone or by e-mail!

When a customer calls, the secretary will talk to them, taking notes of their questions and answering them in basic terms. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will redirect the call to you or send you notes by e-mail. And she will save the contact in her calendar or CRM.

To sum up – there is no black magic here. Nowadays, a great deal of business is done without seeing each other face to face, and an online secretariat is simply a logical consequence of this lifestyle.

Virtual and real – today the line is blurred

If the concept of an online secretarial service doesn’t inspire confidence in you, consider how many aspects of your life have been permeated by online activities. Surely you have an online bank account and realise that the money in it is real. And that’s just one of many examples – you can also shop online or book a doctor’s appointment.

So why not use the services of a virtual secretary, since she will perform all the tasks entrusted to her no worse than an internal secretary, and in many cases even better? You will see that we do not need to see each other in person to trust each other!

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