Swarovski Created Diamonds

the diamonds you need in your wardrobe

Daniel Swarovski is a founder of “a diamond for everyone”. The company is existing since 1895. It is now the leading jewelry and accessories business in the world thanks to his unwavering enthusiasm for creativity and design. Today, the family continues the heritage of providing ladies all over the world with remarkable everyday style.

A Swarovski crystal is comparable to one found in the natural, same as an orchid produced in a greenhouse. The natural processes that take place during the production of mined diamonds are faithfully reflected in Swarovski Created Diamond. A microscopic diamond seed being cultivated in a carbon-rich environment in a laboratory setting. Pure carbon starts to adhere to the seed after being subjected to a procedure that damages its molecular bonds, and a new diamond is created, layer by layer. The lab-grown diamond is then expertly cut by professional cutters after this procedure.

Each diamond is an individual masterpiece and has its own personality. They can be created in lots of colors. In artist’s palette there are: Brutalist Pink, Draped Fire, Gothic Cognac, Disco Ink, Rococo Oyster and more! Also Swarovski Created Diamonds can be cut in 6 classic shapes: round brilliant cut, cushion cut, square princess cut, pear cut, oval cut and radiant cut.

What the prices are? Swarovski Created Diamonds’ costs per carat goes around $1600-$14300.

There is also jewelry with these diamonds. You can buy earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets and brooches. There are even more products! Sunglasses, pens, decorations or smartphone cases are also produced with Swarovski Created Diamonds.  

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