The world’s most expensive perfumes

and the most beautiful

Perfume is a truly luxurious product. They used to be so expensive that only the greatest monarchs could afford to use them. Today, although they are widely available, there are still limited editions that only the world’s richest can afford. Their dizzying price, however, is due not so much to the fragrance ingredients, but to the… phalcones.

Number 1 Shumukh, The Spirit od Dubai, $1,3 million

It is housed in a crystal flacon adorned with 38.55 carat diamonds, giant pearls, two kilograms of 18K gold and more than five kilograms of pure silver.

Number 2 – Golden Delicious, DKNY, $1 million

This flacon is a true work of art. It contains 2,090 gemstones, including 183 yellow sapphires, 2,700 white diamonds, 15 pink diamonds, four rose cut diamonds and a canary yellow diamond on the cap.

Number 3 – No.1 Imperial Majesty, Clive Christian,  $140 thousand

Imperial Majesty is a limited edition of 10 pieces of fragrance by Clive Christian. Half a liter of pure perfume is encased in a flacon made of Baccarat crystal and 18K gold, decorated with a 5K diamond.

Number 4 – Baccarat Les Larmes Sacree de Thebes, Baccarat, około $6,6 thousand

The Baccarat crystal flacon is primarily responsible for its price tag. Only three such flacons were made in 1998, and apparently all of them ended up in the Middle East. In the fragrance we can smell myrrh and frankincense.

Number 5 – N5 Les Grand Extraits, Chanel, $2 thousand/225 ml

Produced exclusively to order. Haute Perfumerie’s most precious creation. The majestic faceted glass flacon, polished like a diamond and closed with a baudruchage seal, is placed in a white casket lined with satin. It is encased in a cardboard box that opens like a flower.

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