The most valuable dog breeds

Have you ever wonder which dog breeds are the most expensive? We know the answer!

But first of all… When buying a dog, don’t be guided by fashion, but by your financial capabilities and lifestyle. Do not buy a dog of an expensive breed at a “bargain price” – from untested parents, mothers treated like incubators and from pseudo-breeding. Make sure that your choice is dictated by an informed decision, not by trends on Instagram or the desire to show off.

Now let us show you the five most valuable dog breeds in the world!

Pharaoh’s hound

The Pharaoh’s hound is not a particularly widespread or well-known breed outside its country of origin. It originated in Malta and belongs to the group of spitzes and primitive dogs. Its extremely strong and proud silhouette is very impressive. With its appearance, the Pharaoh’s hound resembles the now extinct breed of ancient Egyptian greyhounds, images of which adorn the walls of Egyptian tombs, among others. How much does a Pharaoh’s hound cost? Well, it can reach the dizzying price of $6500.

Chow chow

Even more, as much as $8500, can cost chow chow puppies from top foreign kennels. Like its predecessor, this breed belongs to the group of spitzes and primitive dogs. A distinctive feature of the breed is the blue-black tongue. Chow chows are exceptional dogs with a friendly and gentle disposition.


Originally from the north, samoyeds once served as sled dogs. They are lively and energetic – they need a daily dose of exercise and long walks. They are intelligent, gentle and strongly attached to their guardian four-legged dogs. The price of samoyed puppies can be more than $1,000.

German Shepherd Dog

Probably few people expected a German Shepherd on the list of the world’s most expensive dogs. In Poland, this breed is extremely popular, often reduced solely to the role of companion dogs, meanwhile, they are absolutely extraordinary, versatile working dogs. In their country of origin, the best specimens of German Shepherds can cost up to $2400.

Toy Spitz

The Pomeranian, or Miniature Spitz, is an example of how not only large-breed dogs can fetch skyrocketing prices. This adorable little guy, weighing no more than 3 kg, can cost as much as $2,600.

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