Luxury holidays? Morocco

a fairytale holiday, you deserve it

Vast mountain ranges, wide sandy beaches, interesting architecture and the hot sand of the Sahara – this is Morocco. This picturesque country, located in northwestern Africa, is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar. The bulk of Morocco’s territory is occupied by the Atlas and Anti-Atlas Mountains. The aforementioned high mountain ranges stretch as far as 800 km. The remaining landscape is shaped by boundless deserts and rocky plateaus. Holidays in Morocco and rest in this remarkable country will provide unforgettable memories.

The main religion in Morocco is, of course, Islam, and Muslims alone make up as much as 98% of the country’s population. It is also one of the safer Arab countries. It is worth knowing that Morocco is a culturally different country, so when going there, we must be fully prepared for this. However, it is a very tolerant, stable and open-minded country, which makes it friendly to tourists on vacation.

When to go

The country’s climate is shaped by subtropical maritime air masses (arriving from over the Atlantic Ocean) and continental air masses (from over the Sahara). Summers are hot and dry, and winters are cool, wet in the west and dry in the southeastern extremities. In the mountains, air temperatures are much lower. Also, annual precipitation is highest just in the mountain areas, where it reaches 1,000 mm. In addition, there is snowfall during the winter. Over the Atlantic Ocean, due to the cool Canary Current, fog is very common. The best time to visit Morocco is March-May and September-November, as temperatures at that time allow you to freely explore the country.

Where to go

Ksar Ajt Bin Haddu is undeniably one of the most beautiful of its kind in North Africa. Located on a hillside, this fortified settlement is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you’ll find many tourists here during the day. Inside the fortified walls, reinforced by angular towers, are clustered houses – some modest, others resembling small city castles with tall towers and decorated upper parts. It is definitely worth a visit during your vacation in Morocco.

The Dades Valley is an attraction not to be missed while in Morocco. The combination of dark orange rocks contrasting with the vegetation along the river is stunning here. The Dades Valley is also often referred to as the “Valley of the Roses,” as damask roses bloom in the surrounding plantations and fill the valley with their distinctive fragrance.

Todra Gorge is a paradise for climbing enthusiasts, where the stunning steep walls of the gorge offer routes of varying levels of difficulty. For the less adventurous, there are interesting trekking routes of the Todra Gorge that will also impress. Hiking along the narrow road between the soaring walls of the gorge, allows you to explore the place from different perspectives.

Ouzoud Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Morocco. It is located between Marrakech and Beni Mallal and is an extremely popular attraction among locals and tourists alike. The waterfall is 110 meters high and consists of 3 cascades, the longest of which is about 75 meters. This makes Ouzoud the largest waterfall in Morocco. Its location among numerous trees full of olives is also impressive.

What to know

  • in Arab countries it is not allowed to consume alcohol
  • when visiting Morocco, it is worth remembering that photographing people or their stores is unwelcome
  • it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing and do not provoke by appearance, women should have covered shoulders, cleavage and knees, men should have covered only the knees
  • tourists may face accosting and being pressured into buying all sorts of things

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