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The Galapagos Islands are often described as natural wonders. It consists of a complex of smaller and several larger islands – a total of more than 100 located in two hemispheres simultaneously. Interestingly, it used to be one land, which, under the influence of tectonic movements, divided into 100 smaller islets, which are divided by the equator. The Galapagos Islands are also known as the Turtle Islands, and it is one of the few places in the world where you will feel like you are in an extraordinary land of animals. It’s a place where nature rules and the world revolves mainly around flora and fauna. The islands are best known for their huge population of reptiles. Giant land tortoises, iguana lizards and a whole host of other smaller reptiles. The Galapagos Islands, due to their uniqueness, have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and almost the entire archipelago actually forms the Galapagos National Park located in 2 hemispheres. A trip to this place will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t experience anywhere else.

Most of the species that live in the Galapagos you won’t encounter in other parts of the earth, as they are endemic species that impress tourists. Even in the archipelago itself there are species that inhabit only one of the islands. There are no predators in the Galapagos, so the species living here do not pose a threat to each other. Among others, equatorial penguins, flightless cormorants, marine iguanas, which is the world’s only species of lizard that feeds in the sea, live here. During the trip, land iguanas and elephant tortoises can also be found on the edges of volcano craters. A trip to the Galapagos will also be a paradise for ornithologists – almost 80 species of birds live here, found nowhere else in the world, and the most characteristic of them are blue-legged goosegills, frigate birds with red goulas at their necks, pelicans and flamingos. A vacation in the Galapagos is the time to discover a love of photography. The animals here are so close that you only need to pause for a moment to notice and capture their beauty forever, creating amazing travel memories.

When to go

The archipelago has two seasons – July begins the dry season, which lasts until December, and with January comes the rainy season ending in June. The influence of the cold Peruvian Current means that although there is an equator near the archipelago, the climate here is cool and dry. As a result, the heat is not so troublesome here, and the air temperature rarely exceeds 27°C during the day.

What to do

While in the Galapagos, do not miss the option of exploring the islands from the perspective of the ocean. From the port of your choice you will go on a cruise in a comfortable boat or catamaran towards the uninhabited islands. During the trip you may have the opportunity to try snorkeling and taste a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish. It is highly probable to meet dolphins, penguins, or birds – pelicans and albatrosses. Sea lions and iguanas visiting the sea and coastal waters may also be travel companions.

Depending on personal preference, each visitor will find something for himself on the islands. For active vacation enthusiasts, the Galapagos has plenty of activities to offer. It’s worth renting a bicycle and starting your tour with intriguing caves, giant tortoise reserves or reaching magnificent viewpoints. An alternative to bicycle rides would be a hike starting at the base of the active Sierra Negra volcano. Water sports enthusiasts can take advantage of equipment rentals such as kayaks and SUPs.

Don’t forget that Galapagos vacations are also a true paradise on earth for those who love spending time on the beach and in the turquoise waters. Numerous unspoiled beaches will delight everyone and are a great place to relax during an activity-packed trip. Be sure to visit Tortuga Bay on Santa Cruz and enjoy an unforgettable view on a paradise beach.

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