Luxury holidays? Belize

a fairytale holiday, you deserve it

Belize is a true jewel of Central America, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, on the Caribbean Sea. It borders Guatemala to the west and Mexico to the north. Because of its beautiful beaches and amazing nature, it is increasingly popular with tourists. More than 50% of the country’s territory is made up of conservation areas of magical rainforests and abundant wildlife.

The Barrier Reef in Belize is part of the second largest barrier reef system in the world. It is an incredibly diverse marine ecosystem stretching more than 180 miles off the coast of Belize. Only the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is larger. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the reef off Belize is ideal for fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking and sailing. With more than 400 islands, sandy beaches, and the longest uninterrupted coral reef in the Western Hemisphere, Belize is a world-class diving destination. Although the Blue Hole is the country’s most famous dive site, there is much more to discover. A vacation in Belize is a diver’s paradise. One of the most recommended destinations is the island of Ambergris Caye and an overnight stay at Ramons Village, which has a professional dive center. The hotel provides two dives a day as part of the package.

When to go

Belize vacations are best organized in January, February, March and April – then we can count on a dream vacation full of sunshine. May and December are also good dates for travel, but sometimes there may be weather factors that make a visit difficult. The rainy season in Belize runs from June to November. The rainy season, also known as the green season, is characterized by warm temperatures and brief but sometimes intense rainfall.

Where to go

The most popular spot in the country is Ambergris Caye, followed closely by Caye Caulker. Other popular cays include Tobacco Caye, South Water Caye and Glover’s Reef. On the Belize coast, Hopkins and Placencia are the most visited coastal towns, both with beautiful sandy beaches and unique cultural attractions. Lighthouse Reef Atoll, the most offshore of Belize’s three atolls, is a nirvana for nature and diving enthusiasts. Six cays surround the turquoise lagoon, with glistening white sand beaches, coconut palms and breathtaking coral formations. The most important place to visit is the famous Great Blue Hole, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and natural monument. As you plunge into this sapphire hole, you can see bizarre limestone stalactites protruding from the steep walls. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a school of reef sharks living there. Half Moon Caye is the most visited cay on the atoll. A UNESCO-listed natural monument, Half Moon Caye is home to a colony of some 4,000 storks and other bird species. Nature trails lead to observation platforms that offer great views of the nesting birds.

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