The best bars in the world

You definitely have to visit them!

Bars should not only serve good drinks, but also impress with their space, combining taste and aesthetics. If you want to visit some of that kind of places, here we have the list of 3 incredible ones.

Number 1. – Gold Bar, New York

A bar of gold – that’s the name of an unusual bar whose aesthetic is already described by its name. This cosy cocktail corner, where SoHo meets the Lower East Side, is literally gilded. For some it will be a paradise and for others an example of architectural kitsch, where the gold skulls on the walls, however, are just too much.

photo Goldbar

The magnificently finished interior, with its impressive chandeliers, is the backdrop here for exclusive, handcrafted cocktails and spirits – including a ‘Goldrush’ with bourbon, honey syrup and lemon juice. While we’re there, we can invest in a ‘Gold Standard’ drink package for $75, which includes several classic variations of the local drinks – all made up exclusively of top-shelf ingredients.

Number 2. – Sky Garden Bar, London

No photograph can capture the beauty of this place, whose main attraction is the breathtaking view of the entire London skyline. Visitors to the venue unanimously say that from the windows of the Sky Garden Bar, you can see the whole city at a glance – even its furthest corners. Despite the need to book in advance and the long wait once you are there, it is well worth a visit to this remarkable bar.

Sky Garden is housed in a building aptly named The Walkie Talkie building. Interestingly, the skyscraper itself claimed the title of London’s ugliest building in 2015, and this is the complete opposite of what we can see in the bar there.


While there, it is worth taking your eyes off the view outside the window for a moment to look at the design of the Sky Garden itself. As the name suggests, it is a sky garden that impresses with its lush greenery. The exotic vegetation harmonises perfectly with the industrial space. It is the perfect place not only for an evening drink, but also simply to relax during the day while exploring London.

Number 3. – Atlas Bar, Singapore

Atlas is already one of the most famous bars in the world, whose phenomenon is primarily due to its extremely opulent décor. In terms of aesthetics, the bar has been compared to the atmosphere of The Great Gatsby – the interior is filled with gold, velvet materials and copper. When in Singapore, everyone wants to visit this place – proof of this immense popularity is the fact that table reservations must be made at least a month in advance.

The bar specialises in different varieties and cocktails with gin. Atlas stocks more than 1011 gins and is currently the largest collection of the drink in the world.

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