The most expensive cat breeds in the world

Cats are not all the same. Especially if they are purebred, in fact these cats cost more than their peers and can even reach thousands of euros. Just think, the most expensive cat in the world is unlikely to fall below €100,000. Let’s find out what the three most expensive cat breeds are.

The Ashera Cat

The Ashera cat is the most expensive cat in the world. It is a genetically modified cat that can even be created with a perfect hypoallergenic coat in case of hypersensitivity to the dander of these animals.

Ashera is a very rare species, descended from the Savannah breed, created from a marketing idea by a pet company whose aim was to expand the market for unique and exotic pets to the richest and most affluent people.

In addition to its very high cost, which can be as high as €74,500, the Ashera cat is also the rarest breed in the world. Known as the jaguar cat because of the specific colour of its coat, this animal is a cuddly, obedient and very sedentary cat despite its ‘original’ appearance, so it should be encouraged to play and be active.

The Ashera cat can weigh around 15 kg, what characterises it most is its panther-coloured coat and pointed ears, which give it a typically exotic appearance.

The Savannah cat

The Savannah cat comes second in the ranking of the world’s most expensive cats. In fact, these animals can reach a threshold of more than €25,000.

Like the Ashera, this breed was also born from a cross between the domestic cat and the African Serval. It should be noted that Savannahs that are five or six generations away from the African Serval may have a more acceptable cost, which is a maximum of €1,500.

It is a little known and widespread species in Italy, and its size varies considerably depending on the generation to which it belongs, that is, the number of traits inherited from the Servalus. The largest specimens can reach a metre in length and a weight of about 15 kg.

As for the character, this cat, a bit like her cousin Ashera, has a very particular appearance, reminiscent of a jaguar, but nevertheless has an obedient , good and playful character. Savannahs are very curious and affectionate, sociable even with strangers and ideal as pets even with children.

The Peterbald cat

In third place of the most expensive cats is the Peterbald, which can cost around €8,500. It is a relatively young breed, just think that the first specimen was born around 1994 in St Petersburg.

It was initially called the ‘Petersburg Sphynx’ and finally the Peterbald, because it is derived from the Sphynx cat, from which it took its special ‘naked’ coat, slender body, long tail and very large pointed ears.

The Peterbald cat is very friendly, sociable and has a very sweet nature. It is very attached to its master and suffers greatly from loneliness. It is also a very active species and fond of game, for this reason it is not suitable for people with a more sedentary lifestyle as it requires a lot of attention.

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