How to become rich? 3 Ways to make money

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How to have a lot of money, not just making millions? How to become rich? It’s not that difficult! Even the richest people when asked how to become rich have a simple advice – invest and save! How to be rich? By thinking and planning your expenses the way those with a sizeable sum in their bank account do!

Expences, number in excel table

1. How to be rich? Work on your household budget

Many of us dream of wealth. Foreign travel, exclusive clothes and cosmetics, lavish dinners in expensive restaurants… This is what we think a life of affluence should look like.

However, the richest people, although they certainly care about their comfort of living, most often advise to watch their home budget very carefully and limit unnecessary expenses.

How to be rich? By managing your money wisely! Even if your salary is not one of the highest, you can learn to save and plan your expenses better. Especially the unannounced ones!

How to have a lot of money and not spend it on stupid things? It is a difficult art only for those who do not believe in the power of strong will and… Excel tables. Yes, yes, one of the most repeated pieces of advice from millionaires is to write down every single amount you spend.

While a string of text notifications from the bank or the melting amount of cash in your wallet may not make much of an impression on you during the day, an entry in a table and a clearly marked daily amount that you spend will sooner make you sane.

It may soon turn out that our biggest financial mistake is, for example, avoiding supermarket shopping in favour of buying more expensive products in a local shop or choosing the wrong phone subscription.

Eliminating such details is the first step to becoming rich. Or at least richer!

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